10 Great Things about My Life in Nepal

I have failed to always recognize the GREAT things about living in Nepal.

A few months ago, a neighbor friend asked me why I wanted to live in Nepal. She reminded me that we have power problems, water problems, and a whole host of other problems not unique to this country but not like its more developed counterparts. And this was before the blockade of goods.

Though exciting, this place wouldn’t be considered to be the most glamorous or comfortable place to live.

I told this friend that I have a tank full of water, and I have a back-up power system. We’re good. But even when these things fail (and they do), among the problems there are some pretty amazing things about living here, that make all the mess bearable.

  1. Some days, I can see the HIMALAYAS from my doorstep.
  2. A place world-tourists spend time is just a few miles away. I’ve walked there!
  3. My children have seen animals most only see in a zoo in our front yard! Kinda scary…kinda cool.
  4. Within a few hours are several great vacation destinations. I haven’t been to any because we are crazy busy, but we love that too! One day…
  5. Our money goes a long way here. We can live, go on dates and family outings, and even do ministry on the cheap!
  6. The Nepali people are kind, hospital, resourceful. We have learned so much about being flexible and content from these amazing people!
  7. Nepali people LOVE children! My kids have aunties and uncles all over this city!
  8. The different people groups here mean we have LOTS of ethnic foods to choose from! And everything we have eaten has been delicious!
  9. We love Nepali style! The women wear modest but beautiful, colorful clothing. Paul loves the mens shoes! Kids wear whatever crazy combinations they can come up with which Jo is totally into. And I just try not to go shopping too often because I want to buy all the things.
  10. There are populations of Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims here. We have a wonderful opportunity to share the love of Christ and so much culture and customs to learn from these different people.

I could go on! We are forever getting to try new foods, learn new customs, make new friends, and learn new parts of this beautiful language. Every day is a new adventure with new discoveries to be made. Though this country certainly delivers its fair share of challenges to this new-to-the field family, truly, we live in a wonderful place!


Is there a good mix of challenging and wonderful aspects of where God has called your family?
I would love to hear your experiences in the comment section below!



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