A Little Bit About Amber

Who I am…

I’m so thankful you would take a minute to get to know a little about me. I was born and raised in Southern Ohio by a Christian school teacher mom and a PE teacher by day/poet by night dad. These days, I am honored to be used by God in church planting and camp ministry in Kathmandu, Nepal. I have been called “wife” for 7 years by a handsome, Bible-preaching man and “mom” by two wild babes who stretch me in all the best ways.

Our family is sent out of Grace Baptist Church and Vision Baptist Missions. We partner with churches and families all around the world to bring the gospel here, and we are so humbled by all those who support us in prayer and financial giving. I was trained for missions at Our Generation Training Center and have high hopes to build on my Associates Degree in psychology and Christian counseling in the future (more on why I quit college here). I spend my days with my family and friends babbling along in Nepali and dabbling in writing here on my blog and all around the internet.

What I love…

I love the crazy people I live with and the wild country we live in. I enjoy reading, writing, and connecting with other women in ministry. I’ve learned to love cooking from scratch and, specifically, find baking bread to cure all that ails me (also I heart carbs!). I wish I loved shopping more than I do, but our budget thanks me for preferring to stay home and drink Himalayan coffee and watch my babies destroy my house. I love to learn about different cultures, unusual people, and all the ways God uses it all for His glory. I’m recovering from restlessness and falling in love with our simple routines after a seriously unsettled start to our life on the foreign field.

What I write about…

I’ve been writing about ministry life since 2012 at Women Behind the Scenes. I took to my personal blog in 2013 to process my still-birth and really fell in love with the writing process (a.k.a. therapy). I got the ball rolling again this year with help from the Five Minute Friday community, Write 31 Days, and encouragement from family and friends.

Grace to Go is all about how we are empowered by God’s grace as shown to us in the Gospel in all areas of life. Specifically, I address how this truth moves us to service in marriage, missions, and missional living. I talk about the hardships of a life lived for Christ but the great joy found in the midst of it all. I do a lot of preaching to myself but trust that God will use it to challenge and encourage those who find themselves among these words.

A true understanding of God’s grace moved me to the other side of the world. How has it moved you?


A few of my favorites…

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