My Family: My Greatest Gospel Testimony

I have found that my marriage and family may be my greatest gospel testimony.

Many have commented on how happy Paul and I are together, noting that we obviously enjoy being together, laughing, playing, and sharing our thoughts and ideas. In this culture, women are taught to reverence their husbands to an extent that they become an idol in their lives. Behavior like ours would often be considered foolish and disrespectful.

However, many long for a marriage with mutual love and respect. What they don’t understand is what they see in us is not what Western movies are made of. We don’t live in a romantic comedy and we don’t sleep on a bed of money.

We live in real life. And real life is hard! Loving people is messy! What they see in us is Christ working in and through us and spilling over into our marriage.

Certainly, there are lost people with marriages that survive the test of time, and I don’t know what those are like. But I am thankful for His presence and the sanctification we have undergone as we have walked this road together. I don’t want to know what our marriage would look like  without Him.

We teach our children that Jesus loves them sin and all. We pray that Christ will change their life and that they will become proclaimers of the gospel. We teach them that serving God is more important than anything else in our lives.

Children here are taught to please the gods so they can receive success and prosperity in return. To do good deeds so they can be blessed in the afterlife.

Their parents work hard to give them the best life possible. They send them to the best school they can afford 6 days a week, make sure they learn English and get good grades so they can attend a good college, make a lot of money, and maybe get out of Nepal.

The focus is on self, success, and gain. Ours is on Christ and His kingdom. 

Though we may not be successful by worldly standards, He has met our every need. He has given us peace and joy in our marriage and family.He has allowed us to confront sin, forgive, and grow. He has given us grace upon grace to give back to each other. And it shows.

I pray that we don’t waste the opportunities that the testimony of His grace in our live gives us. That through His power, we can have a marriage and family that brings Him glory. I hope above all that my children receive Christ and go on to have God-honoring marriages and families of their own.

I dream of the impact families that love the Lord and give all for Him could make in this world!


Have you been able to reap fruit for Christ because of the testimony of your marriage or family?
I would love to hear your experiences in the comment section below!






  1. Patty Hollis

    Amber, I just want you to know your blog has been a huge blessing to me. You have provided the real struggles of life, not only as a missionary on a foreign field (even though it has to be much greater) but life in general. Through your words I have seen the trials but you have presented them in a positive, humble and encouraging way. Through the negatives you always have a positive to counteract it. Thank you for letting me see your heart in such a perfect way. Praying for you and your family and the people of Nepal! I love you.

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