Worship is Never Wasted

I was tempted to list off a series of complaints so that you may see where I’m coming from with this post but decided to refrain because rehearsing and repeating disappointments is rarely, if ever, conducive to any type of spiritual encouragement. Since that is what this space is for, I’ll keep those between me and the Lord. I know He can handle them and will think no less of His beloved for dumping them at His feet. In short, it seems we are in one of those “one thing after another” seasons. I know you know what I am talking about. It’s been harder and harder to add something each day to my “Good List,” and sometimes the entries hint at the struggle of the day.

God is worthy of praise and honor even when the circumstances at hand are less than ideal. In these honestly unwelcome times I praise Him for who He is; this is my lifeline. I know that, unlike my chameleon-esque circumstances, He never changes. I praise Him that everything He gives me is good — even if it feels nothing but bad at the time. It is not second nature to do this, but I play it on repeat until it feels right. Because it is. I pray over time that this repetitive recitation will become firmly planted in my heart and mind until it is not a last resort but a first response.

And I’ll ask God in His grace to allow this period of piling up disappointments be a mark in my life which I can look back on. Looking at this monument of His understated grace, I’ll see how He was right there when I finally peeked out from under the mess to look for Him. Oh, that I would see every trial as an opportunity to worship Him for who He is while trusting Him to do what He does best! Worship is never wasted, and His work in my life is only good.

I can shut down and stare down the issues of life, willing them to go away or I can fall upon God’s grace as I heap upon Him the depths of disappointment and disillusionment that would scare anyone else off. He’s big enough to carry every ounce of it and loves me enough to never suggest it is a burden. He bore every ounce of my sin on the Cross, so this is cake for Him.

Even as He carries mine, He’s got plenty of room left to take yours, too. It’s so freeing to hand them over. You can lift those empty hands to worship Him. Worship is never wasted and His work in your life is only good.

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