31 Days Living the Golden Rule [October 2016]

I’m joining Write 31 Days and, because I’m a glutton for punishment, I will be doing “the challenge within a challenge” (hosted by Christina Hubbard) linking up with my Five Minute Friday friends!




Living the Golden Rule…

In the Mundane

Day 1- Everyone Needs Someone to Walk With
Day 2- Money Matters and Pink Nightmares
Day 3- Defusing the Time-Bomb of an Overstuffed Heart
Day 4- A Parable for Coffee Snobs
Day 5- From Stir-Crazy to Strengthened by Stillness
Day 6- The You of the Golden Rule

In Marriage

Day 7- The Test He’s Sure to Fail: Does He Really Love Me?
Day 8- Humility: My First Move in the Fight for My Marriage
Day 9- Post-It-Note Your Feelings, Please
Day 10- My Husband Doesn’t Know Me
Day 11- A “Thank You” that Means Something
Day 12- Shouldering the Weight of God-Sized Dreams

In Motherhood

Day 13- The Learned Art of Awareness in Parenting
Day 14- Mail & Mama Bear: Am I Monopolizing My Kids’ Upbringing?
Day 15- “Maybe I’ll Miss the Muddle” by a Mom who Hates Craft Time
Day 16- Help for the Little Years Hater
Day 17- Two Tender Hearts and One Untrained Teacher
Day 18- Why Can’t We Live in Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood?

In Missional Living

Day 19- Kicking the Hypocritical Habit
Day 20- What My Weekend Plans Have to do With You
Day 21- Finding the Mission Field Outside my Front Door
Day 22- That One Time All the Power Ran Out Everywhere [Velvet Ashes]
Day 23- Stranded on the Side of Helplessness
Day 24- The Golden Rule for the Global Good
Day 25- The Knife that Cuts and the Knife that Sharpens

In Moving Forward…

Day 26- My Life as a Living Sacrifice: Confronting my Nothingness
Day 27- The Simple Secret to Being Super Fruitful
Day 28- Heaping Spoonfuls of Grace for When We Goof it All Up
Day 29- Scriptural Social Etiquette Crosses Culture Seamlessly
Day 30- 31 Days Cut & Paste: God is the Hero of Golden Rule Living
Day 31- Engaging the Enemy- the Only Thing I’ve Left to Say

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you,
do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets (Matthew 7:12).


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