Five Minute Friday: My Tiny Team


We had a team. We had all our support raised, ready to join our friends in India who were working endlessly at getting a fledgling little church off the ground and headed towards independence.

They had gone before us and blazed the trail, learned the ropes, made all the mistakes they could keep us from making ourselves. I remember always joking that they were our test dummies, and I was glad we didn’t have to pioneer the field of New Delhi on our own.

There were some behind us, following the path of fundraising and raising awareness about the need of our field. They would join our team of two families and we would link arms with one heart to reach the country of India. God would work in our midst, and, together, we could see Him doing something there. We had all dreamed together for years. We were just dying to see those dreams manifest in reality on the other side of the world.

417911_10201205177995317_119377220_nBut months trickled by, and as the pages turned on the calendar, we realized what we feared had come to fruition. We weren’t getting entrance into the country we longed to live and minister in.

We were devastated. We found it hard not to question God as he crumpled up our plans and crafted something entirely different. It still looked like a torn apart mess to us, but we trusted it would unfold into a legible, beautiful story one day. We were honored to be a part of it.

But…he sent us somewhere without a team. No one we had any ties to resided in this new (to us) country, Nepal. Not a single family was behind us, aiming to join our side a year or two later.

It was so difficult to say goodbye to the dream of a team and embrace this new role as pioneers for our board. We’ve been so blessed to meet some wonderful new friends here, and truly, we are working together to reach this country with the gospel.

But I miss our team. We had a Bible-inspired name and sweet little babies to grow up together.


Our team may only have 4 members, but they’re it. My tribe. My co-laborers. I know God will use this tiny team if we stop pining for more members and move forward alone, yet praying that God will add some bodies to the bench.

My kids don’t have ministry experience or much fundraising to speak of, but I believe they are an essential part to this team, and I know God will use Team Taube as we work together here for His glory.


Who’s on your team? How can we work together to reach the world?
Talk to me in the comment section below!

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  1. June Bales

    I pray for you and Paul and your children daily and know that God will bless your work in Nepal. I share your post on my Facebook because I know people who are not your friend, many are in Kentucky but I know they are praying for you and your family Keep serving the Lord in Nepal and I will keep serving here at Grace

  2. Amber, I cannot even imagine how hard that must have been—to start off with grand plans in one country and a way paved beautifully, only to have the doors shut. Then a completely different cultural adventure opens up—one you didn’t know and didn’t plan for. When the adventure changes: how frustrating, but your little team is going to change your sphere now and forever—wherever you go for the rest of your life and your childrens’. Your story inspires me incredibly.

    • Than you so much for reading, Christina! Your words have encouraged me today to keep sharing, even when it’s hard or I think it doesn’t matter. So honored you took the time to read all those many words I wrote almost. year ago! We just finished language school and a starting our next phase of ministry. We see His hand in it all now and we trust Him moving forward. So thankful I’ve connected with you here.

  3. Man, that would have been so tough to be thrown into a whirlwind, though sounds like you have dealt with it really well! The fact that you are striding forward with your team of four is so great and amazing 🙂 Hope the whole experience continues to bring you all closer together around the things that really matter xx

  4. Whoops, wrote a whole comment then I think I lost it 🙁 Wanted to say what an amazing job you are doing despite things working out so differently than you hoped and expected… the fact that you are doing life with your own little team is so amazing and I pray that the whole experience brings you closer together every day xx

  5. I am so blessed to have you as a part of my loving family. You give joy to my heart each time I read of your endeavors for the Lord. I know God will reward Paul and you for what you are doing together.Know our prayers are with you always

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