Shouldering the Weight of God-Sized Dreams

Day 11, Five Minute Prompt: SKY

We had been carried by cable car 8,000 feet above the city we’ve spent a year and a half falling in love with.   Removed from the startling sounds of city life, we stood in awe of the beauty of our home abroad.

I chased my children around, avoiding falls down the side of a mountain because I’m a good mom like that. I watched my husband from afar as he gazed across the Valley. I sensed what he was up to. He was praying, strategizing how to reach this country with the gospel.


Up in the clouds, he was dreaming bigger-than-blue-sky dreams. The God who made the peak we stood on made his heart just big enough to hold them. But the thing about God-sized dreams is they can get rather heavy.

I peer across the Valley, and I see smog and earthquake damage, countless people carrying tremendous burdens. I am overwhelmed at the task ahead and shake my head at these far-fetched plans. It can’t be done.

I remember that Jesus asked His followers to evangelize the whole world. They stood looking into heaven, waiting for Christ’s return when two angels rebuked them to get to work on this impossible task (Acts 1:10-11).


I can stand here, holding my husband’s hand, admiring his God-sized dream and waiting for the Lord to come relieve the weight of its burden. Or I can keep the pace of feet chasing the impossible, shouldering the weight of the burden as we inch closer to completion.

Living the Golden Rule is simple on this one because, being one with my husband, this dream occupies my heart, too. On my end, there is so much fear and insecurity that threatens the success of these dreams. My heart is so frail, and I think it might burst from the burden of this work. I surrender it to the only One who proved on the Cross his ability to carry it. There’s a peace that this is the best way to help.

I rally my kids and sneak a second next to my man whose brow remains furrowed. I squeeze him around the waist and thank God for the super-size dream we share. We take in the magnitude of it all until my toddler gets that look in his eye. He’s about to stray from the protected path and plummet down this mountain. Better stop staring and get back to my job.

*No children were harmed in the making of this dream.

Do you and your husband have God-sized dreams?
What is your role in seeing them through?

Talk to me in the comment section!

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  1. God sized dreams concerning our kids and family. And like you said, I can topple under the weight of them, or give my burdens to God. Sometimes just getting dinner on the table, new checks ordered, the cat given her medicine, getting to cross country on time, and the five other things times another unknown number can feel like an unbearable weight, and in those times I need to remember the same advice. Relax and hand my fears and worries and burdens to God.

    • That is quite the compliment from a writer I respect so much! THANK YOU!

      We can strap you in, but the cable car is completely enclosed. It is WAY MORE legit than most things in Nepal. I’d be more worried about landing in a plane here! Ha!

  2. For a long time, God’s dream for me was to just put aside every other thing I wanted to do and focus my attention on my family. Now, His dream is something else and I am grateful that I can see what He wants me to be doing in this season of my life – spending time with Him each day and blogging about that I’ve studied. I’m perfectly happy to align my dreams with His.

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